What is Functional Medicine – And Is It The Answer To Our Growing Health Crisis?

Over the past 25 years, there has been an explosion in chronic disease. Diabetes, cardiopulmonary dysfunction, autoimmune disease, dementia, depression and anxiety. Many times, after years of unknowingly abusing our bodies, we find ourselves sitting in a doctor’s office with symptoms like chronic pain and fatigue, numbness or tingling, difficulty breathing, or maybe even chest pain. We are likely to leave the office after a short consultation with a few new pills that have a multitude of unpleasant side effects, possibly worse than the initial complaint. We are told to take the pills everyday for the rest of our lives, and if we are lucky, receive a vague mention about diet and lifestyle.

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Estrogen Dominance…The Struggle Is Real


Three letters of the English language that, when combined in the right order, have come to denote such strife. Emotional lability. Fatigue. Bloating. A cyclical time of the month that comes without invitation, often greeted by others with eye rolls, sarcastic jokes, or simply blown off as if “all in our heads”.

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Toxic Beauty

What’s your beauty routine?

Mine looks something like this…

Jump in the shower. Wash and condition my hair with a color-safe shampoo and conditioner. Some days, in order to refresh my hair color, I’ll use blue shampoo and let it soak into my hair for 5 minutes or so. I then lather my body with a lavender scented body wash and cleanse my face with an oil free cleanser. After my shower, I spray a root boosting product into my baby fine hair to introduce a little body when I blow dry it. Next comes makeup. Lotion. And don’t forget the perfume.

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How Journaling Changed My Life and Made Me a Happier Person

My life was chaos. Disorganized. Getting through the day was my goal.

As a mother and wife with a full-time job, a house to clean, and laundry to do, I was overwhelmed. Yes, I know, I am annoyed with myself as I write those words. After all, I am blessed. Blessed beyond belief. I have a loving husband, two amazing, healthy children, and luxuries that are not afforded to all.

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